Hot Words: CCAV

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English Translation: always only report what is good while concealing what is unpleasant.

Related Words: CCTV (China Central Television)

Origin and Description:

We must know the meaning of CCTV if we want to understand the meaning of CCAV.

CCTV is the abbreviation of China Central Television.  

Then let me explain the meaning of AV. AV is the abbreviation of audio video (adult video works).

Literally, CCAV means "China Central Adult Video". Why CCTV is called CCAV? It is said that is because CCTV always avoids the important and dwells on the trivial, selectively publishes the truth and only reports what is good while concealing what is unpleasant. Many net friends deride it as CCAV because of their dissatisfaction with the contents.

Meaning and Example Sentence:

CCAV is the spoof name of CCTV (China Central Television). Literally, it means "China Central Adult Vedio".

I dream of living in the CCAV News forever, where the children can go to school and poor people can afford medical. If one day I am old and have no one to rely, please bury me in the CCTV News.