小公举(xiao gong ju)

“小公举”(xiao gong ju) is actually a childish dialect calling with an accent, which simply means "little princess". Then it is gradually developed into a calling of men, the biggest feature of whom is that they have a girl's mind, with girl's character but not sissy. The first man in entertainment circle who admitted himself as“小公举”(xiao gong ju) is Jay Zhou, who says he has "a dream of little princess".

Source: At Xi'an concert of Jay Zhou on May 1, 2015, some fans held some light boards on which was written "Jay Zhou Little Princess", which was shown on the big screen of the concert and Jay Zhou was called Little Princess from then on. And later it is gradually evolved into“小公举”(xiao gong ju) because of the dialect pronunciation.

“公举”(gong ju) means capable people who are willingly elected for the public.